The Light FM app, like you’ve never imagined it before.


Yes, that’s right: we’ve made your online experience even better, so that you can listen live, win great prizes, replay your favorite shows, and so much more, all at the reach of your fingertip. Light FM app is now ready for download from your smartphone store.


A new on-the-go Light FM

Light FM already looks pretty cool on your computer, and now it looks just as nice on your phone! So wherever you go this season, and beyond, listen, play, win and replay your favorite shows with our totally re-imagined mobile app.


Listen live to your favorite radio station

Download any song we play directly from iTunes Store.
Share what you’re listening to with all your friends on a wide variety of social media platforms.
Find out the name of the last 5 songs that we played with just a swipe.

Play games, Win prizes everyday

Yes, it’s as easy as that, straight from your mobile. Take part in our games while listening to your favorite radio or music show for your chance to win great prizes.

Tickets for the best seats in the biggest concerts, the hottest blockbuster movie premieres, the most anticipated plays, exclusive autographed CDs from your favorite international and local artists and much much more…

And by allowing push notifications, you’ll know every time there’s a new game launched, and get invited to the best of what Lebanon has to offer!

Games Apr 2015

Sets - Music Shows

Tune in to Light FM, wherever you are

Never miss a beat of Light FM’s all day, feel good, 6-decade music selection.
It’s as easy as turning on your radio, but even better. Hit play, and continue to use your phone with no interruption.

Replay your favorite shows

Take a musical journey with Smooth Jazz, Soul Sessions, La Hora Latina, Undercover or Saturday Light Fever, whenever you want, for as long as you want.

Just click on the sets tab and make your pick from hundreds of episodes.

Listen back to your favorite bits

Heard something on La Bonne Humeur or Jammin’ with Mia that you’d like to replay or share? Did Tanguy and Gery say something funny in our Good News? Or did you hear an interview with your favorite artist?

You’ll also find there our Top 10 and New Releases, to keep you up to date with the latest in Light music. We’ve got it all for you, in your palm.

La Bonne Humeur Section Jammin with Mia Section