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were born 25 years ago out of passion for music, and it’s that passion that defines us. Therefore, for our 25-year celebration, we decided to celebrate music, by having Lebanon’s rising talent revisit the biggest hits of our airwaves during one night, in the magical setting of the Zouk Mikael International Festival.

On August 2nd

come and discover what Lebanese talent has to offer, with Mashrou' Leila, Who Killed Bruce Lee, Pindoll, Sandmoon, Jammit the Band and Loopstache giving their versions of your favourite Light hits and introducing you to their own sound.

The Show

started at 6pm and ended late, with 6 full performances, and the entire Light FM crew entertaining you throughout the night! And if that's not enough, our friends at CUNXTSAT prepared an after-party with all the bands with a special gift for all ticket holders.

Discover allThe ArtistsPerforming

Mashrou’ Leila

Mashrou' Leila are currently the prominent force in the Lebanese indie rock scene. In fact, they've grown well out of our small country and are considered one of the most promising acts to come out of our region, selling out concerts wherever they go - Cairo, Amman, Paris, London, Manchester, Amsterdam, Montreal... and the list goes on! Having formed in 2008, they already have three albums under their belt -…

Who Killed Bruce Lee

Who Killed Bruce Lee’s unique sound has evolved with the music scene in Beirut since 2010. What started out as spiced up cover tracks quickly snowballed into a Who Killed Bruce Lee EP with originals that has Beirut’s indie music fans wanting more, and the band has become accustomed to performing in sold out venues. The only way is up for the four bearded gentlemen, whose eclectic and powerful sound…


Every once in a while you’ll come across a band who sound only like themselves. Pindoll are one of those bands. Armed with a blend of Forties/Fifties rock & roll roots, a love of jazz, and an insatiable appetite for experimenting, Pindoll have rapidly gained notoriety in the Lebanese scene, well before they launched their first album, Twisted Times, in March of this year. It’s their live performances that mark…


We first discovered Sandmoon last autumn when they sent us their first single from their second album: 'Home'. Our Music Team unanimously decided to give it strong airplay on our waves, a first for a Lebanese production in years. This was a difficult decision as we had declined most previous submissions from local initiatives. But 'Home' simply blew us away, and we just had to share it with you, our…

Jammit The Band

If you like reggae music, you will definitely LOVE Jammit The Band. These guys are surely going to put everyone in the right mood with their happy, positive vibes. Bringing together Oriental and Mediterranean rhythms coupled with a love of African-Jamaican standards, these talented musicians are currently finalising their first EP, from which their first single, Reggae for Lincoln, is taken. They'll be performing their new material for the first…


We discovered Loopstache on social media last year when they shared with us their first Youtube video, and then the second followed soon thereafter. At the third video, we invited them over for a chat on air to know more about the people behind these great, fun, groovy and refreshing cover videos. Since then, they not only mastered the skill of creating fantastic cover videos by doing 8 of them,…
"One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain."
Bob Marley

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